Did you know: of the violent deaths that occur in the greater New Washington area, over 30% occur to ordinary people running everyday errands?

New Washington is the greatest city on Earth. Magic and Technology are at their peak, adventuring is a career choice, and Legends walk the streets. Sadly, it seems to be normal people who suffer the cost, oftentimes gunned down by mercenaries or blown apart by a powerful mage while trying to buy a cup of milk! No one wants to be eaten by monsters while trying to pick up produce, but few of us are given a choice in the matter.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Have you ever wondered why your office requires that its employees have Martial and Magic Certification, but your local supermarket doesn’t? We seek to change this standard. The Securemarket™ is simply the safest and best shopping experience in New Washington, providing a wide selection of high-quality food and maintaining the best standards of protection in the service-provider industry. Our employees are all trained in the use of magics and weaponry and periodically participate in training retreats designed to hone their ability to protect and serve you. In the greatest city in the world, you shouldn’t expect anything less.

Welcome to the Securemarket™. We’ll take care of you.®